Why Have Employee Recognition and Reward System

Why Have Employee Recognition and Reward System

Different organizations and employers in use different systems to keep their employees motivated. Popular among these systems is the recognition and employee rewards system. The approach relies on the employers to acknowledge and sometimes reward their best performers for keeping them motivated and inspiring others to emulate them. The reward can come in the form of a salary raise, sponsored vacations or gift voucher.

When rewarding an employee, employers have to consider several factors including the personality and needs of the particular employee. Consequently, employers are tasked with coming up with several gift voucher ideas. Pandora gift card, Priceline gift card, JB hifi gift card, and target gift card are some of the commonly used rewards in Australia.

A generous employer would even go on to give an exemplary employee a flight Centre gift card. Not all employers are in support of this, however. There are those you think a reward system to be a waste of resources. However, the system benefits an organization in several ways. Employee recognition promotes collaboration, enhances loyalty and improves productivity. The use of positive reinforcement and constructive feedback boosts employees’ confidence and mastery of their roles.

Employee recognition improves the employee retention rate of the organization. The employees are the most valued assets of an organization, and their cycle begins with hiring and ends with retention. For you to retain your employees, you have to train, improve and motivate them to play their roles. Use of incentive programs is one way to ensure their motivation and thus commitment.

Employer recognition functions in the same way as customer loyalty programs. A happy employee will always be glad to come to work and work extra hard. Also, they are less likely to look for employment opportunities elsewhere.

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